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I unfortunately and sadly need to rehome my beautiful Bull Arab x Staffy, Angel aged 3.5 years. The reason being is due to her domineering and anxiety issues. Previous owner state Angel is not a great at socialising. and there are inhouse issues with another dog.

I have taken Angel to the dog park on more than numerous occasions and she likes to keep to herself and does not want to be pestered.

Angel needs to placed in a furever home with her being the only pet. When I adopted her she was 2.5 years and had already lived in 3 different homes.

Angel is very affectionate, placid and protective. She loves water and likes to have a pool of her own (a clam shell to play in), she also loves to play in mud.

Angel loved to go for long walks and to the park to play fetch.

Her favourite foods are bananas, watermelon, raw zucchini, asparagus, apples, carrots, fish and pigs ears.

I would like Angel to go to a single pet family with older kids who can take her out and interact with her.

Angel is OK with other dogs, as long as they are mature and giver her space and do not pester her.

On her own she is placid and has a beautiful temperament.

This painfully breaks my heart, however I need to set her free.

Along with Angel, is her harness and lead, a clam shell, her bed, ball and other goodies.

Angel has been microchipped and desexed. Previous owners and foster rescue had immunisations up to date.

If your are interested please message me.

I will consider FREE to a genuinely loving home.

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